• Used for Ammeter, Wattmeter, Relaying, and Energy Management Applications
  • Frequency 50 - 400 Hz. Insulation Class 0.6 KV BIL 10 KV
  • Molded thermoplastic housing. Optional Mounting Brackets available.
  • Conforms to ANSI C57.13 and applicable IEC standards.
  • Secondary is available with 5A, 1A, 0.1A, 10VAC and 5VAC rating.
  • Choice of either 8-32 Screw Terminals or 16 AWG Lead Wires.
  • Available as U.L. Recognized Component File E100575, contact factory for information.
  • Other primary current ratings, up to 1500A are available upon request.
  • Available with Intermediate ratio and Center Taps.
Unit of Measure


N/A 150:5A