Mates with 1258 and 1235
Normally used with a trailer where limited functionality (taillights, brake lights) is needed.
Ideal for boat trailers, or RVs towing a car on a flatbed trailer.
Unit of Measure


Minimum Order

N/A 1

Package Type

N/A Each

Units Per Package

N/A 1

UPS package type

N/A Customer Supplied Package

Shipping Weight

N/A 0.5 Pound

Include shipping calculator

N/A 1

Wire Thickness

N/A 12 AWG

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Die-cast metal housing.
Screw terminals accept up to 12 AWG wire.
Replaceable interior.
Contacts float for best alignment and connection.
Cable clamps hold all size cables firmly in place.
Cable protector is constructed from plated steel, and provides strain relief and protection against abrasion. See also Automotive Connectors such as 12400 and 12401