The PV101-A PowerView™ display is a multifunction tool which enables equipment operators to view many standard engine and transmission parameters as well as active and stored trouble codes. The display can show either a single parameter or a quadrant display showing four parameters simultaneously. Diagnostic capabilities include codes with text translation for the most common fault conditions. The enhanced alarm indication has ultra-bright alarm and shutdown LEDs (amber and red).

The PV101-A will display over 50 standard SAE J1939 parameters broadcast by engine and transmission ECU’s, as well as displaying active and ECU-stored faults with text description for diagnosing equipment malfunctions. The PV101-A has simple connections to optional components.

The PV101-A display replaces its predecessor, the PV100, offering enhanced features and improved durability, including:

Improved case design - upgraded assembly process and overall robustness of the case, with only slight dimensional changes that should not affect existing installations.

Voltage range - wider operational voltage range of 6.5-32 VDC.

Improved keypad response - improved keypad sensitivity and performance using the latest technology.

Lighting - brightened and improved backlighting and LED alarm lights for greater visibility.

Italian language option - Italian now joins English, Spanish, French and German as an additional language option.

Option for Murphy fuel sender input - choice of using the backlighting dimmer input as a fuel sender input.

Full compatibility - The PV101-A display is compatible with all our current J1939 gages, as well as additional J1939 I/O modules coming in 2007. It is also fully backward compatible with the PV100.

Other components in the MurphyLink® system include micro-processor-based PowerView Analog Gages for displaying critical engine data broadcast by an electronic engine or transmission’s Engine Control Unit (ECU); engine RPM, oil pressure, coolant temperature, system voltage, and a combination audible alarm and relay unit for warning and shutdown annunciation. Up to 32 components may be linked to the PowerView™ using a simple daisy chain wire connection scheme using RS485. The PowerView and all connected components can be powered by either 12 or 24-volt systems.
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