The LS200SS Liquid Level Switch with 2" NPT mounting is float activated to operate an electrical SPDT snap switch for alarm or shutdown of an engine or electric motor. This model features a 316 stainless steel body, which meets NACE standard MR-01-75 for direct exposure to H2S service. The LS200SS connects directly into the vessel wall and can be used with a weld collar (fwm part# 15050375) or Murphy external float chamber.

The LS200SS is designed for harsh gas compressor scrubber applications. The improved design provides better snap action and dependability with a reduced number of moving parts. The 304 stainless steel float operates in 0.5 specific gravity and heavier fluids.

The LS200SS is rated for 2000 psi (13.8 MPa) [138 bar] working pressure and listed for Class I, Division I, Group C & D locations.

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