The WD100 Swichgage® Kit provides engine monitoring that shuts down farm, construction, or other engine powered equipment when dangerous pressures or temperatures occur. The control center for this kit is the compact and adjustable Universal Mounting Panel. This Panel holds two Swichgages® and a Tattletale® magnetic switch.

The WD100 Swichgage® Kit is suitable for use on distributor ignition engines, or on diesels having a shutdown solenoid in the fuel pump. The Universal Mounting Panel consists of a 20P Oil Pressure Swichgage®, a 20T Temperature Swichgage® and a 518PH Tattletale®, with bracket mounting bolts, washers and nuts. The 12 Volt 518PH Tattletale® magnetic switch is designed to shut down engines; operates as a circuit breaker to interrupt the ignition circuit to a distributor or to close a solenoid fuel valve on diesels.
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